"The Dello Solutions customer service representative was very helpful was patient"

- Joel Dutchel

  • 9.8/10

    June 2014

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ResellerRatings Verified Reviews on Dello Solutions
  • KUDOS!!! I am so happy with the service of Dello Solutions. And the performance of my pc...WOW! The work was all preformed remotely and while I slept. No down time by taking it to a computer store and waiting days for the work to be done. The techs were very friendly and patient while I tried to explain all my issues. I even found logs on my desk top of the work done and files and other "junk" that was removed. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Verified review

    - Asphalt-Angel

  • The guys at ATS are a whiz at what they do: they can help you with your system when it’s got a nasty flu. My computer, Missy C, had an illness recently. She couldn't even start her day -- that got me feeling blue. So I called the guys at ATS and WOW, wouldn't you know it!! They fixed the problems expertly---- they’ll do it too for you! Verified review

    - margaret_joyce5724


  • Piece of cake. Just had to sit back and see the work being completed. Verified review

    - button101

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Dello Solutions Testimonials
  • I would like to say how impressed I was with all 3 Agents I dealt with at Dello Solutions. I don’t think I have ever experienced such patience and courtesy, especially as I am a non-technical person. It was quite exceptional and I will be recommending the organization whenever the opportunity arises.

    - cowderyn

  • I'm not a computer expert, the agent explained everything so plan that I was able to relate to everything without being confused, the agent was very professional and knowledgeable of my situation, I am very pleased, thank you.

    - ecowens


  • I don't think your level of customer service is available anywhere anymore. It was absolutely wonderful and one of the best experiences I have had for a very long time. Thank you so much - I appreciated that all my technicians spoke very good English - just like the good old days. Thank you again!

    - starofthedesert